Eucalyptus – Оrganic Еssential Оil – Food Grade

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Eucalyptus tree is cultivated in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The healing properties of the trees were well known to the ancient Australian aborigines. The tree is called “air purifier”, “forest diamond”, “Tree of wonders” and “tree without shade”. The air, around evergreen eucalyptus forests, is purified and close to sterile, there are no pathogenic microorganisms, mosquitoes and other harmful insects due to active substances emitted by the trees. The leaves of Eucalyptus have a specific aroma and a fresh, cooling taste. The essential oil is an excellent ozoning agent in a home environment, where it can be diffused into the air. It’s refreshing aroma enhances cheerfulness, lifts the mood and boosts attention. Eucalyptus is famous for its beneficial effects on the upper respiratory tract and helps to eliminate the symptoms of shortness of breath. The essential oil is suitable for use in saunas, spas and closed premises. It has a cooling effect on the body and favors the reduction of body temperature.

How to use

For food purposes: 1-2 drops daily per lump of sugar, or a teaspoon of honey dissolved in 100-150 ml. of water.

For culinary purposes: 1 drop to your favorite smoothies, shakes, cocktails, liqueurs, sweets, desserts and other dishes.


Contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers, epilepsy, children under 3 years, persons with individual intolerance to eucalyptus oil.

Attention! Highly concentrated! Store tightly closed in a place without direct contact sunlight! Keep out of reach of children! Perform a sensitivity test before use! In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water! The product is not a medicine. Do not use as a substitute for a varied and complete diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance dose.

It does not contain additives or harmful substances. Not diluted in base oil! Does not contain colorants and preservatives.

Packaging: Glass bottle 15 ml

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